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Returning after almost 2 years...get me up to date please!


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A lot has happened since you left!


New Expansions - Rise of the Hutt Cartel. It adds a new planet, Makeb, and raises the level cap to 55. Also adds dailies and a [staged Weekly] mission.


Galactic Star Fighter - This is the super secret space project. It is space PVP.


Galactic Strongholds - Adds player housing and a new weekly event called conquests. Guilds that have obtained a guild ship can compete on certain planets each week to attempt to conquer that planet and win special rewards.


New Daily Areas

Section X [50]

CZ-198 [55]

Oricon [55]


Level 55 Ops

Scum and Villainy [previously level 50]

Terror from Beyond [previously level 50]

Toborro's Courtyard [Op Boss on Makeb]

The Dread Fortress [55]

The Dread Palace [55]


Eternity Vault, Karagga's Palace, and Explosive Conflict are level 50 ops still and are considered "classic ops."


New Companions

HK-51 - Must complete a set of missions, including HM versions of certain FPs to attain.

Treek - Can be bought for credits (with high enough legacy level, forget how high) or Cartel Coins. She's an Ewok.


New FPs and Missions

Seeker Droid and Macrobinoculars missions

CZ-198 flashpoints (have both normal and HM versions)

Some FPs now have a level 55 HM version (Cademimu, Mandalorian Raiders, etc.)

Forged Alliances story arc FPs (latest is Depths of Manaan)

Tactical FPs (allow any combination of roles) - Kuat Drive Yards was the first to come out, but the Forged Alliances FPs are also tactical as well.



Highest level of gear is Dread Forged. It is rated 186. It can be obtained from NM versions of DF and DP.


I think that's all that's really important. I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff though. If you want to know more or have questions, just ask. :)

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You sure?


Hmm, I could've sworn they introduced it with Makeb as well, as a level 55 Op.

But I could be mistaken, and it could've been one of those things released right before it. :o


Either way, welcome back Badger!

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