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Speeder Hook Size Bug (Missing Hook Sizes)


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I've noticed a couple speeders in the game are missing the hook size options they're supposed to have.


For example:


The Corellian Stardrive Stealth can be placed on a Large Hook or a Medium Hook

The Corellian Stardrive Flash can ONLY be placed on a Large Hook, medium hooks do not work even though it is the exact same mount with a different color scheme.


The Kalakar Strike Fighter Simulator can ONLY be placed on a large hook even though it is smaller than many speeders that fit on medium hooks.


The Praxon Xeno only fits on a Medium hook even though every other Praxon I own fits on either a Medium or Medium Narrow.hook


These errors make it extremely difficult to place these expensive mounts in my stronghold properly as there are not always Large hook spots available.

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