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[Suggestion] - Add 2 more rooms to Tatooine Stronghold


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Yeah the round rooms aren't very inventive, what about a small garage like in Luke's uncles home, or a passage off the balcony to a bedroom looking over the area, or rooms with slit windows in like Obi Wan's Tatooine house? If I can make these things in 3ds max without batting an eyelid surely the devs can.


And 900k for the round rooms is just insulting, and I won't be expanding until they are lowered, especially since Coruscant rooms of the same size are 40k and they have a window! I would have thought the rooms would be a lot more thought out and varied.


Tempted to goto the Bioware offices and show them how to do it :D


Seriously though joking aside, why not release a selection of rooms to buy, either from game or the cartel, so that everyone's house is unique. It really does look as though you got so far, then thought, sod it just copy those rooms around don't waste time making any new ones. It would have been better to have a locked door for later expansion sets.


Course, don't get me wrong I love the strongholds, they just need that bit extra thought to them.

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I'd really like to be able to purchase one or more of those other cliff-side balconies that you can see around your own!

Me, too. Those look like some very interesting areas, and would have great views.


I'm not a fan of the identical, windowless, round rooms of the Tat Stronghold. I would like a different looking room option.


I've only unlocked 3 rooms in my Tatooine Stronghold, so far. I'm saving up credits to unlock the Docking Bay next. Mainly to unlock more decoration hooks, and also to move my speeders -- all seven of them, lol -- into the Docking Bay.

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