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Galactic Stock Market


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Give players the ability to buy/trade stock in certain planets, corporations etc... throughout the galaxy. Some initial ideas:


1. Player actions on planets and certain Flash Points would increase or decrease stock value such as:

a. Volume of players on a planet - Increase stock value

b. Average number of players decreases and - stock value decreases

c. World boss is defeated - stock value increases

d. # of heroic quests completed - increases stock value

e. Etc...

2. How much stock is available could be driven by the current guild owner of the planet and/or some admin function.

3. Completing/failing certain flash points could also decrease/increase stock value

4. Stock can be purchased/sold on the GTN between players.

5. Stock can only be earned by completing certain missions and/or by the controlling party of a planet splitting the stock.

6. Dividends for stocks held would pay out a small amount of credits weekly or monthly.

7. Subscribers have the option of receiving preferred stock vs. common stock and then given certain perks such as increased change at higher pay outs etc...

8. Each week/month stock holders are entered into a drawing for some prize/reward of some kind. The more stock you have the greater chance you have of winning something. Create a cap on stock and/or chance to win a prize so the same person isn't getting a reward every week/month.


I'm open to more ideas/suggestions for this. It could certainly be more complex or less complex than this if needed.

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