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Planetary Conquest "bounties" for Operation Bosses


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A way to add difficulty-scaled conquest gains for running operations, and thus allow more than a measly 1000 conquest points from running the content that I sub to this game to be able to play-- the PvPers get conquest points for what they're coming here to run, and honestly I'd rather appreciate if I had an option to genuinely gain conquest points from running the PvE endgame content and rewarded for the skill of the team that I am in. Thus....


Add a flat conquest point bounty to operations bosses depending upon ops level and difficulty mode. You've already got the lockouts, which guarantee no more than ONCE per conquest per toon, so there's no farming opportunities besides swapping ops-- plus more decor drops!


These would be set values that would not change between conquest setups (as they already have the ops [WEEKLY] stuff to provide one-time emphasis to certain operations, as well as NOT being affected by any planetary bonus. These "bounties" for the bosses would be static, save for perhaps the stronghold bonuses, and due to lockouts, limited to once a week for each toon.


For example:


Level 50 Ops:

(Could adjust values to make EC harder, as it has one less boss but significantly more difficulty)


SM boss: 250; Final SM boss: 500 (Full EV/KP: 1500 conquest points, EC: 1250 conquest points)

HM boss: 500; Final HM boss: 750 (EV/KP: 2750 conquest points, EC: 2250 conquest points)

NiM boss: 750; Final NM boss: 1000 (EV/KP: 4000 conquest points, EC: 3250 conquest points)


Level 55 Ops:

(Could adjust values to increase DF/DP due to harder difficulty, and maybe lower SnV, although as it is much longer than other ops due to the number of bosses, not sure how much)


SM boss: 500; Final SM boss: 1000 (TC: 500; TfB/DF/DP: 3000; SnV: 4000)

HM boss: 1000; Final HM boss: 1500 (TC: 1000; TfB/DF/DP: 5500; SnV: 7500)

NiM boss: 1500; Final NM boss: 2000 (TfB/DF/DP: 8000; SnV: 11000)


Yes, the values do start getting high, especially for the NiM 55 content, but then, that's far from easy content to clear, and even with the skills, you need to earn the gear to run it (means very few people can do these on more than one toon, if they can even do them at all), and at best you still can only run it ONCE. You can adjust the numbers as you like (and as a full 100% stronghold bonus can become pretty significant, you could perhaps even half the points to make it such that the above IS the doubled bonus from the stronghold if preferred), but it allows a lot of the end-game operations people to get conquest points by doing what THEY usually do (since that's what the PvPers are getting away with doing) and as it won't be affected by planetary bonuses, means that it's just one more motivating factor for people to progress through and run the endgame content-- even for the harder modes slightly older content, like TfB and SnV that don't drop the gear you need, but would then be able to rack up a decent amount of conquest points from FULLY clearing (not just to the weekly boss, but kill it all!) and provide more opportunities for getting the decor drops.


This is an MMO, might as well give decent rewards for the stuff that PvE people go gather a good team of friends together to play in the game! I know you know the stats on how many PvPers vs PvErs there are (and how many run ops!), and just because the PvPers are loud doesn't mean that they're the only ones you should listen to. Give something for those of us who run ops, and hey, maybe we can attract more of the PvErs that spend their time just grinding flashpoints and bring them into the operations content.


Gives the PvE guilds reasons to arrange for more operations teams, and become competitive in the planetary conquest dependent upon the progression and dedication of their teams. NiM endgame operations are hardly farm-able content for all but the very best guilds, and speaking as somebody who can't run any of the 55 NiM content beyond Nefra, I am perfectly fine with letting those players who can clear that content be rewarded for their ability to consistently continue to clear it.

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