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< Korriban Fried C’lor’slug> looking for mature and friendly members.


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Do you serve death with a smile? Then Guild: Korriban Fried C’lor’slug (KFC) may have work opportunites for you?




In 1977 two movies came out that changed the world...Star Wars Episode IV and Kentucky Fried Movie. Join a guild that has mashed the two together for finger linking good fun.




-Base requirement: Mature and friendly person....Skills are easy to teach, attitude adjustment is difficult.

-New Guild Founded in August 2014.

-200 subscribers/250 members/20 alts/Circa 30 preferred/ftp

-16 million raised towards guild flagship in about a week.

-Going through the standard iterations of a new guild, build membership, find leaders, focus on reaching objectives. Review aspects and repeat.

-Formal and voluntary guild activities 3 times a week.


Apply today at our homepage if interested.


Korriban Fried C’lor’slug is an equal opportunity employer...unless you are a wookie, wookies catch fire on the fryer.

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