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<The Sithcilian Family> A new family is in town, it's time to bust some balls.


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The Sithcillian Family is a very new guild and the only members currently are those who are the founders (5 members in total). We are very interested in developing a RP storyline, conquering Nar Shadaa to raise our name. Our ranking system is heavily based on the game The Godfather, our attitude in the game is also based on the Italian Mafia. We always help out those who are need. I'll be upfront, we are looking for dedicated players, if anyone of you are out there looking for RP and PvP events, have a chat with us. If we like your attitude, you'll be on our family. We don't want to focus on guild member numbers, we want everyone to be up-close and personal. So we are going to be a tight community. We love to do FPs as a group and just randomly hold meetings at our Stronghold, spend time just talking and chilling out. On the weekends we help our people out lvl'ing up or we go do our weekly's. Events have not yet been discussed yet and we are planning to develop as we go. I will say this, if you really enjoy the Italian Mafia Genre you will surely like us. Think about it or maybe.. "Forget about it".


Add me in game "Valeraya" if you are interested!

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