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In game holocamera for stronghold mounted wall pictures


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I would like to suggest that the in game holocamera be used to make wall mounted pictures in our strongholds, that way we could put pictures of friends and raids etc... those special moments in the game. Instead of just the generic wall mounted pictures we have atm.


If you like this idea please say so to support :)

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Since I long ago deleted that useless piece of cargo bay space wasting crap, I do not remember how it worked. But if It allows you to shoot in 3rd person mode then YES definitely!


The least they should do is allow us to take screenshots, if not upload our own jpg or png files that we can then place on the walls.


If we are going to spend all this time, credits, cartel coins and/or money to upgrade our strongholds, only to get to 100% and get no tangible advantage over other players whatsoever, and then the only thing that makes our stronghold "unique" is the random way we choose to decorate with the same few hundred stock items that everyone else in the game has... Sorry if I'm not that excited. Hell we can't even be remotely original with our designs due to the NPC limit!


As usual bioware has ignored what other games had to offer vis-a-vis similar content. The most fun thing about wildstar housing is navigating jump puzzles created by other players that span the entire 3 dimensional space and can take hours to complete.


One super fun game I've played many hours while at work is that flash game called "Crush the Castle" . You attack premade castles with a trebuchet and varying explosive payloads. After you beat the game you can spend time attacking player made castles, which, tbh, mostly suck but there are about 10% that are just as fun as the ones the devs made.


We need somehting like that here. How about they open up the desert exhaustion zone of tatooine and allow us to place giant trampolines, pools of liquid, bridges, springboards, etc (think portal and portal 2) so we can actually DO something unique with this new hook framework. We should actually be able to create our own basic huttball courts now. Decorations are great and all but until they actually do something I don't see myself really caring about trying to distinguish myself from everyone else's identical floorplan and stock furniture.


Basically if you've seen a dozen decently decorated strongholds in this game you've already pretty much seen them all. Nothing unique or exciting worth spending time exploring after the first day or so.


Let us make puzzles, let us make physics, let us do more!


At the very least let us make custom wall hangers and signs so we can leave messages for our guests!

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All graphics used in game are stored on your hard drive, so this means every single screenshot you want to use would have to be downloaded onto every other player's computer, and the screenshots for ALL of those other players would need to be downloaded onto your machine.


So, yeah, this is just not going to happen...

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