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[Video] Guardian Tank


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Unfortunately I have to reupload the video. Its all choppy at 1080p for some reason unless the youtube fix works.



This video is heavily edited. Long clips are boring. I'm still learning my guardian tank. Protection and control are my interest. Damage is secondary. I don't play a warrior in WoW. This style of class is completely new to me.


Guardians are capable of a lot. I've been playing more lately. Tanking itself (guard swapping) is real easy. Single target taunting and using leap/cc is the good stuff. I can definately improve at a lot of things. This does not show perfect gameplay.

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Love playing my Guardian tank in pvp... Especially if I have 1 or 2 healers to protect... Throwing out taunts, interrupts, cc's, stuns and push backs... All the while leaping to and annoying their healers... Or cappers

It can be very rewarding... Unfortunately they aren't appreciated enough, except by the healers because they do little to not DPS... People seem to forget that the role of the guardian is to protect the teams healers and annoy the opponents, especially if you can interrupt their healers or cappers

Good to see another person who enjoys this as much as me... I'm feeling nostalgic for my guardian as I have been playing my shadow a lot these past 3 months... Might get on now with my Guardian and have some fun :)




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