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Regarding guild flagships and battles for planets


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Forgive me if someone has already suggested this, but, it was going through my head while playing and I have a need to post it while it's still fresh on my mind.


So you have guild flagships parking over a planet's atmosphere.. two guilds or more competing. This is where it should start. Place the galactic star fighter system you just made RIGHT here. Guilds battling one another to secure drop ships of troops. Reinforcements/respawning should be capable of being cut off by an enemy flag ship should they intercept your own in space, meaning you'd have to fight them off with star fighter battles in order to secure a steady fight into the surface of the planet itself.


This would leave room for alliances among guilds, strategies involving one guild intercepting reinforcements while the other tries to assault the planet directly, etc. This would of course require some sort of system for alliances to have joint ownership of a planet/region.


Getting NPC troops involved would be neat as well, as well as necessary if you'd like to make it feel like a real war, some sort of background battle that you can see, that is powered by the craftsmanship of the guilds in question, bolstering allied troops and creating things like artillery for an edge. Pilots could even get in on the action and do bombing runs on enemy artillery, or other points of interest should you desire to take this and add more..


This would be a really good foothold in some well designed PvP.

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