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Immortal Jugg (Tank) Looking for Guild


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Who I Am

I'm Xeras Darksun, a level 55 Sith Warrior Tank. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and my gaming times are typically 7:00pm - 12 midnight on Weeknights, and sometimes more erratic on weekends. I'm pushing 40 and taking college courses to get my BS, which hasn't been too hard, likely because I've been informed that I'm full of it already ;)


My SWTOR Background

I've been playing SWTOR since the pre-launch, and originally was with a group of guild mates from my World of Warcraft guild, but two forced server migrations later a lot of people I had been playing with had given up on the game. Add into that some real life obligations making my schedule unpredictable, and I let my group play slide to the wayside, leaving Xeras currently unguilded. I am experienced a Main Tank through Kephess, which is about where my progression ended. I was briefly in another guild that a friend who was still playing at that point found, and ran Terror From Beyond once with them. They started only logging in to Raid, and it seemed pointless to stay in a guild when I was the only one on, so I left.


While Xeras is my main, I have also have 55 Mercenary, Operative, Sorcerer, and Shadow, and lower lever Sentinal, Commando, and Gunslinger. My alts are mostly just for seeing the other stories and crafting.


MMO Background

I like MMOs, and have played and tried out all sorts. My first MMO was Final Fantasy XI, which I started playing with a gamer friend. We played about 6 or some months, and then left for WoW. I played WoW for almost 9 years, with some overlap with TOR. Most of my WoW Raiding time was on my Affliction Warlock main, but I also raided on a Protection Paladin, Blood DK, and Disc Priest, though not nearly as extensively as the Warlock.


I have experience as a guild officer, having been one through most of my WoW career, including a brief stint as a Guild Leader prior to Burning Crusade. After BC I wound up moving servers as I was West Coast on a East Coast server and wasn't able to raid once schedules changed, and eventually became the Raid Leader of the guild I joined.


What I'm Looking For

I'm not really looking for bleeding edge progression raiding, though I do want to do Ops. 8 years of WoW, and other changes in my life have made me want to take a more casual and "fun" based approach to gaming, but don't get me wrong, I am serious about doing a good job.


I'm interested in all aspects of play, including some PvP and GSF, and like doing group content. I'm looking for a medium to large sized guild so that there are hopefully usually people on, at least during PST prime time and on the weekends. Having a Republic sister guild would be a plus, but not essential. Its also not required for me to co-habitate my alts with the rest of the guild, though that could also be a plus.


If you think your guild might be a good fit, please respond here, or via Forum PM, or find me in game on Xeras.

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