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<Is a Rock Star> Casual/Social Open for all Classes and levels


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Is a Rock Star - Casual guild formed from a group of Real life friends.


We understand that people have complicated real lives and when they log in to play a game they want to enjoy gaming. They dont always want to be "assigned" to a raid team, have to fill out a 2 hour long application to get into a guild, or when they get on to be given a "Cold shoulder" because they weren't on for a few days due to real life circumstances. We have banded together from Guilds in other MMO's.


We have raided for world firsts and server firsts, we have experienced the burnout that can come with that. We are open for players who are looking for a more social experience. Players who like to do Flashpoints from time to time with a group of friends that wont critise them for any mistakes they make but will encourage and give friendly advise if needed.


Feel free to Whisper any of the characters listed below for a guild invite:




Jibbêrish (alt+136)


Ångelica (alt+143)

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