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Returning player looking for a guild for a fresh start.(Republic or Empire)


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Hello recruiters!


The situation:

After months away from SWTOR I have decided to come back and have a go at this MMO once again, I have several 55's currently on "The Progenitor" but I want to make a fresh start (which will be good since I've forgotten most of the game) and after looking around I have decided to try the "The Red Eclipse" server. My previous attempts of playing this game have unfortunately been cut short due to me never quite finding the right guild to settle in(Mainly guilds where nobody talks or there is one dictator who you must obey.) and I'm hoping on this new server I will strike gold.


What am I looking for in a potential guild?:

1) A place where you can joke around and have a laugh.

2) Diversity and equality.

3) Good organization.

4) A place to make genuine friends.

5) Honesty and transparency.

NOTE: Teamspeak/Mumble would be pretty cool to.


Following on from point "5" from above I think it would be fair for you recruiters to know a bit more about me:


I'm a 21 year old man from England, I currently work 20 hours a week (hoping to get more), love joking around and enjoy talking to anyone regardless of what they're circumstance is, I'm a casual gamer (not afraid to get stuck in when needed though) who loves to socialize, I use "Teamspeak 3" and "Mumble" and love using them particularly when gaming. With regards to the game itself I intend to become a subscriber and participate in end-game content as-well as support other players in the guild, I have Dyslexia.


Now I could make this easy and let you open up with your pre-arranged recruitment messages, but I thought I would issue a bit of a challenge for you recruiters out there:


The challenge - To explain what your guild is about AND to type out a funny experience/event you as a guild had in the past.


Thank you for reading and may the force be with you!

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Hello Chensorlang!


Ok, so our guild is about having fun playing the game with some buddies and being social without it seeming like a second job etc...

We do have all the perks tho which is nice, website, mumble, guild ship & stronghold, bank, 10%xp/ rep boasts etc... But most guilds have that so no major thing there.


Something funny we did?..... Probably just yesterday when I announced in mumble why I had such a bad day which my guildies found tremendously funny, I'm not gonna mention it on here, (you will have to join to find out)


And we generally enjoy larking around most times doing ops, pvp and other stuff helping out levellers & altaholics!


Anyway, I've spouted enough, check out our webby and get in touch with any of the officers for an inv and you can see if it's the right place for you ;)



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