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Is there a site or database that offers # of items returned from missions?


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I'm going to ballpark these from what I remember off the top of my head:


Gathering skill missions (Archaeology, Scavenging, Biochem):


Moderate - 2-4 T1 materials


Abundant - 3-5 T1 Materials, 1-3 T2 Materials


Bountiful - 4-6 T1 Materials, 2-4 T2 Materials


Rich - 4-8 T1 / T2 Materials



For the "oddball" skills (Diplomacy / Treasure Hunting / Underworld Trading):


Moderate - 2 Materials


Abundant - 4 Materials


Bountiful - 6 Materials


Rich - 8 Materials




Note that these are just rough estimates and not always guaranteed - I've noticed T1 materials rarely come back on Bountiful / Rich missions, and T2 rarely come from Abundant (don't think they ever come on Moderate.) And by T1 and T2, I'm talking the two different tiers of materials for that range - like how Desh is a T1 for the first rank of Scavenging and used in the low-end crafts for that range, and Aluminum is the T2 for that range in scavenging.


If my numbers are off, someone correct me please.

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I KNOW that for grade 9 gathering skills (excluding vendor materials; Tricopper Flux & Corundum Powder)


Rich missions yield 8 or 10 (non-crit or crit respectively)

Bountiful yields 6 or 8

Abundant 4 or 6

Moderate 2 or 4


Bioanalysis has two possibilities for each mission type but the yield is the same regardless (one compound and oen sample is simply more rare than the other; with an approximate ratio of 12:5)

Archaeology color crystals missions are a little different. the results are sort of a combination of BA and vendor materials (a range of the total number of color crystals like TCF and CP. The ratios of RGB varies, but over the long haul balance out)


Mission skills are a little wonky:

As I have not run moderate or abundant in quite some time, all i know are rich and bountiful. the only variance is in the purple yields. Blue yields are consistently:


rich 5 or 6 non-crit or crit respectively

bountiful 4 or 5


Purples are:

those without two bountiful missions per material it is 4 for rich and 2 for bountiful

those with two bountiful missions (one more expensive and time than the other), it is 3 for rich, 3 for expensive bountiful, 2 for the cheap bountiful.


Clear as mud right :D


When doing calculations remember that there is a flat 5% failure rate

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