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Hey guys :)

I bought this game at launch (It was the digital version that gave you like 2 days of early access if I remember right)

I had fun leveling a Sith Warrior/Marauder to lvl 39 but ultimately gave up due to bugs and the game really didn't run that well on my rig at the time.


I decided out of the blue to try it again and I'm sure glad I did! I wish the game was in this state at launch (It really should of been with the budget and devs behind it) As a preferred status player I found the restrictions were very reasonable but it only took me a few days to subscribe again.


Tried to play my warrior but was clueless how to play him after 2 years so I rolled a Consular.


The only thing I find slightly disturbing is even after 2 years of updates, patches and expansions the game is still missing chat bubbles...while that's not a game breaker I still feel like they should be in the game (toggle of course)

It's a very basic feature and appears in most games of this nature. Even Ultima Online which launched back in the late nineties has the text appear above your toon.


I know they had them in beta but got removed for performance reasons. While this isn't going to make me not play or anything I really feel the option should be there after 2 years. A simple feature like that can have a huge impact on the level of immersion. Especially for people (like me) who play on role play servers.


That aside the game feels like its going in the right direction.

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