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Hybrid Gunslinger spec Sab/Dirty Fighting


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So I decided to try a hybrid spec since I love AoE and although the Sab tree's final 31 talent is a high damage aoe dot, the Dirty Fighting tree has so many good aoe abilities I really wanted too.


Here is what I came up with.


Smuggler Hybrid AoE spec


To start, I put my first 2 points into Saboteur's Utility Belt. The 3 second reduction on Thermal Grenade is really huge. You will be able to use it, then fire off another ability and it will be up and ready again by the time your second ability has fired.


Then I went into the Dirty Fighting tree for 11 points, taking No Holds Barred and Black Market Mods. This will open up Shrap Bomb for your 11th point. Giving you a nice AoE dot.


I then went back to the Sab tree putting points into Street Wise in order to get Independent Anarchy from the 2nd tier. Not only does this increase your Sab Charge damage but it increases your all of your aoe dmg by 15%. Then it's back to the Dirty Fighting tree for Bombastic, increasing the damage by your Thermal Grenade and Shrap Bomb for by another 8%.


I'm at level 31 right now so that leaves me with 1 more point to spend and I'm back in the Sab tree working my way up to get Arsonist, which will increase my Critical Damage from AoE by 30%.

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Don't get your hopes up on Incendiary Grenade, it's kind of lackluster, at least from a PvP perspective. Extremely small radius and it only Crits for ~700 every three seconds or so, and that's with all of the pertinent talents and two champ weapons (+1210 tech power).



All it's really good for is covering doors on Voidstar. I follow up XS Freighter Flyby (Crits for anywhere from 3000-3600 PER TICK) with it every now and then if I've got the energy.



I'm presently running 2/31/8.

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