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wheres my spaceship xD


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Dear fellowplayers,


I kinda got a problem.

I used my emergency Fleet Pass when i whas questing on Taris, and got teleported to

the interfleet station to get some jedi sentinel skills.

But now i cant find my spaceship to get back to taris.


Please help :p




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I think you meant "spaceport" and not "cantina," as there are no class hangars leading off from the cantina.


There's no spaceport on Fleet, he was referring to the cantina that fills the center hub. Each of the four classes have an entrance facing the cantina.

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wow, I missed that.

Why do people dig through year+ old threads? Do they not realize the OP is likely long gone?

They certainly couldn't care less about this thread by now.


OP had 2 posts EVER back in Dec 2011, so it's a safe bet he was one of the many kids who played for a few weeks after Christmas and left.

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