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Social points..


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I understand the concept, I really do..

However, unless you have a dedicated "quest buddy", let it be a iRL best friend, girlfriend etc, it is near impossible to group up for normal questing. Even for most Heroic quest, you usually end up taking the quest solo, -then- realize it's a Heroics and then start spamming for a group, so you miss your chance to gain social point.


Personally, the only time I really get to group is Flashpoints, and depending on luck (which I have the worst of), I gain maybe 20-30 social points a run..

And at that rate, it will take quite a while to reach even Rank 2.


Not complaining, just wondering.. am I missing something?

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I guess it's simply encouraging you to find a quest buddy then? The only notable rewards offered are:


Unique outfits (all moddable light armour) from nearly all planets;

Unique rank 1 vehicle costing 25k

Bunch of social items such as minipets or "action items".

Unique rank 3 vehicle costing 1.5 million


The last reward is probably the only worthwhile achievement. It has the same model as the Korrealis Commander (also 1.5 mil) from the VIP store, but it seems to be yellow/golden instead of silver/white.


I'm nearly 50 and I happily sit at my Rank 1 social level.

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