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Tracer Missiles / Ambush & Auto Targeting


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All they need to do is spam one button and the burst is massive in PvP players have no chance but to run away.


Is it the intent to dumb down the class/PvP so much AND allow for some of the highest if not the highest burst in PvP?


Tracer Missile and Ambush need a CD if the burst and auto facing remain.




Remove auto facing for these two abilities so the person behind the keyboard actually needs the basic skill of facing a target.

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If your melee and you cant handle ranged Dps or they have a full Ammo or charge dump on you that's your fault. There is so much you can do vs range classes in every mmo they give melee something to combat them just using your CC and crap at the right time is what counts.
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One thing to remember.


When a class gets "too powerful", that class will also go up on the priority list of getting nuked down asap.


PvP is teambased. Just let your teammates know there is one bad mofo out there, and you want him dead whenever they see him.

All of a sudden he can't just sit there and spam his highest dmg abilities.

He will now have to kite 3-4 ppl, and that's just not gonna happen.


Later that day though, we will see him on the forum raging about getting stunlocked and end his post with "what gives?".


More often than not, if there is a problem, there are also sollutions.



Merry X-mas!




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