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A minor, humble suggestion


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The suggestion that I am about to make is not critical nor does it arise from anything wrong in the game, it is simply a thing that I(and I assume others) might like to have as an ingame option. The suggestion concerns helmets or headgear. Now there are those of us who like helmets and those that don't, for those that don't there is an option to hide the head slot. Great. However I think most of us that like to wear helmets like to wear them whilst we do missions, run around, pvp, basically do everything except whilst taking part in conversations. I therefore suggest that a second feature be added with regards to helmets that allows people to hide their headgear whilst in convos. This mechanic already exists ingame as it triggers automatically when you talk to companions in the cantina or on board your ship so it cant be that hard to implement.



Um yeah thats about it, let me know what you think!


PS If you agree do sign to the devs can see.

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