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Some issues with nonsense in PVP.


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The Shadow/Assasain has virtually zero 30M casts, use a knockback, slow him. Voidstar and Huttball are designed to favor range. There is a ton you can do with position. The other one stealth seems to have an advantage.


With this logic i can say a range class is unbeatable. He stuns a stealth, does his dps, then puts a slow and kites, how does a stealth do any damages? He has force speed on a 2 minute timer.


Do you have any idea what its like in Hutball getting shot at by a range from 30M away on a ledge, by the time you make it up the ramp and around you are dead twice.


Part of the game is knowing that what looks lie an empty terminal is not necessarily empty.


Lastly, this is a tool in the war zone not actual combat and both sides have the same tool so.....

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