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Reasons why you should go back to WoW


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Over the past little while that I have been frequenting these forums, I have noticed something a little unnerving. The amount of people on this forum bad-mouthing and trolling this game is ridiculous, and it has left me to wonder if you're nothing but trolls attempting to sway users from the game to help save your seven year old pile of trash from its inevitable demise.


Here are some reasons why you should go back to WoW...


You think the game is too small

While this is true to an extent, there is plenty of room for expansion. I'm sure WoW wasn't always huge like it is now.


The graphics are terrible

Frankly, I think the graphics are quite awesome for an MMO. I do believe that the general idea was to go for lower-end graphics so that users with lower-end computers and components would be able to enjoy the game at the same level as those who had higher-end computers. Sorry that you couldn't reap all of the benefits from your $5,000 computer


The story is bad

... The story is much more in depth and intriguing in comparison to WoW. Not to mention it's STAR WARS! How bad *** is that?


The hard drive space required is too large! 12GB?!?!?!? WELL, I NEVER!!!!

Really... another topic mentioned that the reason that Star Wars: The Old Republic would fail is due to the installation size. 12GB? LOOOOOL. Don't make me laugh. WoW had 26GB of installation files.


Leveling is too easy

Perhaps if you didn't spend so much time playing the game (like myself) leveling wouldn't be so easy. That's what it all boils down to, in all honesty. I'm already at level 22, but that's because I have been addicted to this game for the past three days. If I spent maybe an hour or two each day, I probably wouldn't get very far... I'd probably only be level 10 or so if I played casually.


If you come up with any more ridiculous reasons as to why this game is so much worse than WoW, please feel free to add to this thread.

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Hello there!


This thread is off-topic, and aimed more at the community, as opposed to the game itself. The General Discussion forum is for discussion related to Star Wars™The Old Republic™, and posts within it should remain on-topic, and relevant..


All this in mind, we are closing this thread now. Thank you!

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