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Racing Games != Competitive MMOs


I never said a racing game. I said pod-racing either in a way of doing races as missions like the space missions or a PvP warzone where you race against other players and try to destroy them with different abilites and win the race.

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Pff again someone asks for podracing ill tell you this. Thats not possible with this engine http://www.heroengine.com/


Yes it is, lol. If they can make space battles they can make pod races.


Also, I have no idea how an engine can restrict anything, specifically when most of SWTOR is custom code.


Directly from their website:

No Assumptions or Restrictions — HeroEngine lets you build your game in your own style and we provide the core technology so you don’t need to reinvent it.


Thanks for reading properly! :)

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I think it would be so awesome to have pod-racing in this game somehow. Either like space battles or as a pvp game.


yea they handled this in the bestbuy chat a week or two ago :)


they are workign on changes to the mount system.... so cross fingers for another minigame like space combat..... pod racing with betting from casino may be coming in abuot 6 months

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I don't know why people are so against having mini games within this game.


There can be more to an MMORPG then just raiding 2-3 nights a week, running an endless amounts of dungeons, doing the same fricken dailies, running the same battleground, and making an army of alts.


Sure that still is a lot of content but having 1 racing daily would definitely be a refreshing experience.


I personally would like to see a card game of sorts or gambling. You know, something to do while you chill in a cantina.


If they ever add an arena I'd like to be able to spectate. Same with huttball. Those obnoxious announcers are hilarious.

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