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Imp 180 ranged DPS LF Guild


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I recently transferred back to this server from Jedi Cov. I am currently in full DF gear (not vendor 180's), my ops experience for the new content is full HM clear for both DP and DF and 1/5 NiM for DF. I consider myself a very experienced raider. I recently returned to the game about 1 month ago, before I left I was working on NiM progression through TFB and SnV, DP and DF had yet to be released. Since my return I joined a guild on Jedi Cov just in time for them to disband, I was fortunate enough to clear HM and start NiM progression.


I am looking for a guild (Imp Side) working on progression, ideally NiM, but even HM would be fine as long as you have a spot for me. I would like a guild that runs on any of the following evenings, the later the better, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, occasionally Thursday. Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday's are not good for me.


My name is Andelun in game, or post to the thread,


Thanks for your consideration

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