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Love the game === But Reid...


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Originally Posted by Spankyjnco

" A easier way to find groups. Having to spam in /1 is quite annoying to everyone in the zone, let alone those looking for a group. And noobdy seems to use that actual "Flag yourself for group" option because it's not very successful. I would like to do flashpoints, but I'm not going to waste 30 minutes sitting in the fleet spamming /1 that I am looking for a group. Some kind of way to have a global search/group finder would be nice."



"We're aware of this desire, but we actually believe that finding others on the same planet as you encourages social interaction a bit more than a general 'group finder'. We're not saying it'll never, ever happen but again, not high priority right now."


Again, I am VERY pro TOR, very- and that is why I write. Most of the peeps seem awesome, over at BW in my home town of Austin. Even met him and the others, at the big release party at Austin. But I just have to say, mate, I really dont think ya get MMO or this MMO. As your customer, we need you to hear us and make us feel heard, vs the tone I usually get from you. Its why you got over ruled on the grace period that caused such an uproar. We dont want to be forced to spam LFG, that has NOTHING to do with encouraging social interaction. People actually getting into PUG's, experiencing content- does; MMO 101, Mr. Reid. So if you want your flashpoints and other group content to be successful, dont blow us off, listen to us. For many of us, this isnt our first rodeo and we're trying to help you and TOR out. Getting an automated PUG system should be a HUGE priority, you would be getting a ton more people experiencing content such as flashpoints.

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