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Old Crafter Back!


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Hello, My Name is Aplerr!


Usually im crafted alotof things in the server, but i was afk for 4 months and now i came back now! If you know me, you know, my price is the lowest on the server and trustable. If you need anything to craft let me know. Here is the list what i can craft :)



Force Wielder Hilt 34

Resolve Hilt 34



Skill barrel 34



Adept Enhancement 34

Vigilant Enhancement 34

Battle Enhanccement 34



Might Armoring 34

Commando Armoring 34

Force Wielder Armoring 34



Aptitude mod 34

Deflecting Mod 34B


If i receive more stuff, i will let you guys know! :)


For more info, you can mail me on Aplerr(Republic Side) or Mrking(imperial side) in the game! :)


Cheers :)



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