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WTB Avalanche Tank


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In what may seem like an odd request, I'm looking for a guild run/7 players that can blitzkrieg through Nightmare Explosive Conflict with me on The Harbringer so I can finally obtain an Avalanche Tank mount. Said mount has long been desired by me (as a Trooper, it's fitting of course) though never obtained my as luck with rolls is horrendous: previous runs with my guild I think about 6 of them dropped before NiM EC stopped being done, and I couldn't luck out and win the rolls on any of those.


I already know any sort of prestige that came with it is all but gone, given EC remains a lvl 50 Operation, but I'd rather like one even just to fit my Trooper theme and possibly shove in my Stronghold garage.



I'd like to offer a guild/group that runs with me (a Commando DPS, I've done it many times before so know all the mechanics) and as a group passes on the first Tank Mount to drop (if any):



15k credits per person, per boss (so 60k per person if all 4 bosses are downed)


+ 100k bonus per person if/when the Avalanche Tank drops and I receive it (this bonus can and will increase depending on how much money I have at the time/how early it drops, since it has dropped on Zorn and Toth before and I'll be quite pleased)





A 1 million credit contribution to your guild bank in exchange for the drop (or a lesser contribution merely for downing all 4 bosses with no drop, which can happen as well)



Given my bad luck I'm fully assuming this may take weeks as it may not drop at all (during my quest for Karraga's Helm, I went through 4 weeks in a row with not a single drop!), hence I'm no so willing to pay a huge amount per person merely for the chance it may drop if you know what I mean.




Ideally this is an opportunity for a guild that can do this NiM OP in their sleep to easily make some personal or guild cash within an hour helping me out with this: you'll be richer, I'll be happy, everybody will win!


I pull my own weight and have done NiM EC many times before (I seem to be especially good at pulling Kehpess's shield-carrying goons away from their friends), I simply have no luck with rolls so I'm trying to bypass that.

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Would probably be better to post this in the Harbinger forum.


Good luck with your quest for the tank though. I'd like to get one myself someday.



Good point, well, now there's a topic in both!


Hopefully a guild that considers NiM EC laughably easy can take some time out of their schedule to help me out :)

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