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Community Event: Wolf Pack Race


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Reformation's Iron Wolves Powerbase will be sponsoring a Wolf Pack Race on July 10 at 9 PM EDT on Jung-Ma to see who has the bounty hunting and teamwork skills to run with us. Please note that this event is just for fun: you do not need to join our guild at all. (The above is just the RP reason behind the event: in reality, we just want to provide a fun event for bringing the community of Imperial Jung-Ma together during the summer.)



The objective of this game is for your team to be the first one to nab their specified bounties as a team and return the whole team back to the specified area. You must complete your hunt as a pack of wolves that can quickly take down targets much larger than themselves, much like the Iron Wolves do every day. Do you have what it takes to run with us?


Player Requirements:

  • Must be level 18 or higher Imperial player (Required to do the Nar Shaddaa Bounty Mission.)
  • Must have not completed any BBA contracts that day
  • One member of each team must have not completed the Hutta: Kingpin Bounty that week. It is preferred that no team members have completed this mission that week.


The Hunt:

  1. Players that wish to participate should find themselves in the cantina in the Cartel Bazaar on the Imperial Fleet before 9 PM EDT on July 10. There will be a short RP session at the start of the event.
  2. Players will be grouped in teams of 3-4 players. We will try to group teams evenly with the average player level about the same for each group and with at least one Reformation member on each. We will also try to get at least 1 healer or tank per team.
  3. Each Player will pick up the Bounty Contract: Nar Shaddaa and one (or more) player(s) from each team will pick up the Hutta: Kingpin Bounty
  4. On the Hunt Master's signal, the teams will pursue both the Nar Shaddaa and Hutta targets in either order using whatever methods they want while following the below rules.
  5. After the bounties are completed, all team members must receive the Completed Contracts from the drop box: at least 1 for each player for the Henchman Bounty and 1 additional for the Kingpin.
  6. After receiving 4-5 Completed Contracts as a team, all members of the team must reach the designated area, which will be announced on the day of the race.
  7. One player must find the Hunt Master and trade him all 4-5 Completed Contracts to finish the race. The Hunt Master will be within the designated area.



  • For the Nar Shaddaa target, all members of the team must complete the mission fully.
  • For the Hutta target, all members must attack the Kingpin bounty at least once or the mission must be reset. Attacking while another team is getting credit for completing the bounty does not count.
  • Using the spacebar in conversations is NOT allowed.
  • Bounties may be brought in dead or alive.
  • Any form of quick travel and use of weapons is allowed and encouraged. Cheating and name calling are not.


Who We Are:

"Reformation" was formerly known as "Shadow Council of Sith." We are a multi-faceted guild that participates in PvP, PvE, and RP with an emphasis on both PvP and RP. In order to better facilitate teamwork, community, mentoring, and roleplaying, we split ourselves into multiple "Powerbases" or groups within the guild. One such Powerbase is the "Iron Wolves." We state that we are a group of guns for hire that banded together to strengthen each other and hunt targets either more efficiently or ones that we cannot take down on our own. In reality, we are just looking for a bigger payday.


Be on the lookout for more events like this one from Reformation in the future. The current plan is to start having events like this one 3-4 weeks every month starting in August. The date may be pushed back as we are still reorganizing the guild.


Let us know if you have any questions.

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Just a reminder that this event is still going on tonight. We were also able to secure prizes for the top team or top 3 teams depending on participation. Also, everyone that completes the race will get a small participation prize.
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