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This is what's on the GTN on The Progenitor right now.

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From the latest pack.


Walkers - 2

raptors - 3

vectrons - 21

tions - 23

Droid transports - 10

adnos - 18

yellow crystals (all kinds) - 11

chance cube - 18

rohlands chestpiece - 17

temple guard chestpiece - 9

remulus chestpiece - 12

karness chestpiece - 20

agile set, Upper: - 9 Lower: - 8 Supplementary: - 5

mandalorian set, Upper: -9 Lower: -22 Supplementary: - 14

Shrewd set, Upper: - 5 Lower: - 12 Supplementary: - 25

Unbreakable set, Upper: - 17 Lower: - 21 Supplementary: - 17


It seems to me that the drop rates for most of the stuff is on par with the regular packs we are used to.

Walker and raptor might have a lower drop rate, or people might just be hoarding/using them.

The crystals are definately at a lower drop rate than usual it would seem. I don't imagine that yellow is that much of a desirable colour that people would be hoarding instead of selling.

The shrewd set seems very popular, which might explain its low number of upper sets available (and the opposite for the unbreakable set, which is pretty similar to the set you get with the KDY reputation vendor).


Of course, waiting until next week to make another survey would be the prudent thing to do as some are waiting to list their items for a higher value and avoiding the "rush" to sell, and some might not have bought the packs yet, or don't have their timers run out yet.

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*sigh* I miss the time when I bought my full Bastila Shan armor set for ~600K and it was way too expensive, the forst parts go on the GTN... Two days later I could have get it for ~300K...

Now even a used paper tissue costs millions :(

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