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Stronghold: increase in practical value


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They havent shown much along these lines in the stream, so there could already be more to it than just mailboxes, modification benches and GTN terminals, but I'm going to assume there isn't for now.


Make a set number of legacy wide (so that people don't feel the need to get 4 houses to get all the perks to be on even field) hooks that have certain practical improvements for your legacy in them.


Example, put in a laboratory station that isn't purely decorative but provides either some biochem crafting materials every 24 hours, a passive bonus to the crafting time/crit rating for your legacy or other perks. Etc. etc. for other professions or gametypes (flight simulator/fire range for x% more requisition/warzone comms gain or something), you get the picture.


All the housing systems coming out this day and age I can think of have such a "pick your flavour of added bonuses combination" minigame added to them. It would be a shame if this game just went the simple decoration route.

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