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In a bit of a pickle...


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I apologize in advance for the block of text.

Im going to exclude details for this post in an effort to remain more anonymous for both my sake and my "Former" Guild. So here it goes: I ask for some loans from my guild. A whole lot of them pitched in and I was overwhelmed with the amount I got. Unfortunately in my haste I didn't take names or numbers. I took it on good faith that my guildies would be truthful when it was time to pay them back with interest. Fast forward to now, and I don't have enough to pay them all just yet. They are getting anxious and desperate, and above all claiming all sorts of numbers. So much so that they are now claiming that I took the loans under the impression that I was someone else. Complete Bull... I can only surmise that they are trying to expedite the process of getting the money back. They all said they put in tickets and i'm being formally investigated. Now not once, Did I ever claim to be anyone else but myself in the game. However They are swearing up and down that I impersonated someone in Teamspeak. I have no clue about that, but no doubt something is shady and to complicate matters further they have seized all contact with me. I'm banned from the TS server in addition to being on all there ignore lists. That was fine and dandy, but then The RL Threats started coming in. Because I frequented the teamspeak they have access to my ip address. I have been getting all sorts of calls and threats. I filed a police report, but the officers were very genuine when they said these matters are almost never looked into unless its on homeland security type level. So I blocked the calls. I made some alts demanding to speak to the GM. She denies up and down that they had anything to do with it.


She didn't say it directly, but i'm sure they will no doubt manipulate the Teamspeak logs to make it look incriminating on my end, when and if they send them to Bioware.


Believe me people I know what this sounds like. But I need some help and in all honesty I don't know where else to turn. Why do you guys suggest I do?

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BioWare won't do anything about TS logs, so you don't need to worry about that, the only thing they might action is anything said in game, and they have their own logs for that.


MY sentiments exactly. However I really hope CSR have the hindsight to see through the possibly ploy. However I can't help but feel anxious, because when there several tickets against you for the same thing they may feel compelled to do something. Thank you for you input.

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1st of all I know we only have 1 side of the issue atm. Because of that the actual story might be a bit difference or at least colored (no offence intended, its a normal thing). Having said that ........


1. Bioware won't mingle in any creditloss / loans / whatever issues your former guildies are having creditwise. In the past they always stayed clear of internal guild issues/politics

2. If people are harassing you ingame I would send in a report against them. I assume bioware won't use the loans as an 'its your own fault' standing because of point 1

3. People harassing you in real life is more problematic. If it remains cyberbullying your local police can't do much. I can't say much more when they can take actions since I'm not having any lawdegree.


What can you do?

1. Place your former guidlies on ignore (if they keep bothering you send in tickets)

2. Don't attempt to get further contact with them, it seems to me from your story that they are not willing to civilly discuss matters

3. Look for a new guild or if it keeps really bad, swap to a new server or quit SWTOR (you are playing games for fun and it should stay like that)

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Thank you for your input Fire breath. I took the loans because I was going to try to corner the market in regards to certain materials. And believe I know what this story must look like from the outside. Having said that though I have been straightforward in everything I have said. The only thing that creates confusion is the fact that they won't speak to me. I mean literally They put me on ignore the instance I make an alt and send a message, even if I say something along the lines of Credits in hand ready to pay back loans. They won't have it at all. Even worse is that there so adamant about me having pretend to be someone else in the TeamSpeak server.
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As with all things, investigation requires facts that are indisputable. Try thinking logically here a sec...


1 - Did anyone keep a record of the money that exchanged hands? If not, then how can anyone prove the exchange happened? BioWare is really unlikely to look into it, and if they did, they would have an exact number for you to pay back, not a made up number.


2 - These people are ignoring you. So let them be. If they wanted the money, they would keep the channels open.


3 - You do not have the money to currently repay them. There is no reason for you to talk to them until you have their money.


These people have (rightfully or wrongfully) treated you poorly, and it sounds like you keep going back to them looking for...more poor treatment?


I suggest you collect the money you owe them, and with each credit you collect consider why you are repaying them. It sounds like they want nothing to do with you, maybe you want to have nothing to do with them too?


In order to make a problem go away, you also have to walk away from it. Let them be, collect their money, wait for them to reach out to you (hopefully in a less terrible way) and offer them a repayment when you can talk, not yell or trash talk. However, your days in that guild are likely done, so I wouldn't expect them to ever be friendly again.

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