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Last wave for today sent, I WAS PROMISED 5 DAYS OF EARLY GAME ACCESS


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oh for the love of...there is not enough face palms on the internet for this forum.


He said he was promised 5 days and is damning them for giving him 6...do you see what he did there? this isn't rocket science people, its not even the equivalent of see spot run.

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.... And now i'll only get 6! *** bioware!


Totally agree, we who did not get the nod are cranky for sure. However, Imagine if you're the middle child of 5 kids. The oldest has his bags packed and is going to disney world, and all the other kids have to sit, watch, and are forced to look at the pictures of how much fun he is having while we sit at home. Just a bit on the unfair side.


P.S mommy and daddy, aka Bioware, love the oldest more than us it seems. Result!

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Oh i fully understand what your doing.

I simply asked you to read that article.


*Counter Troll*


How rude.


I have been countered.


Now I have no counter for your counter so I will just whitter on and maybe throw in a long intellectual word to make it seem like I know what i'm talking about.


I know no long intellectual words.


I'll setlle with *ner ner* and I just stuck my tongue out at you.


That is my mature response.

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