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EVENTS should be more than ONE week!


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Dearest Bioware/EA planners,


Please at LEAST do these events for 2 weeks, especially if they entail missions like the Bounty hunter one. I started, then as a paying adult subscriber with a Real Life had events beyond my control happen. I was deeply saddened to find I could no longer finish the event that looked FUN.


There are few pleasures left in this world; please consider those working overtime, multiple jobs, and still remaining faithful to this game.


All the best!

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You mention the BH event, it's not a good example for your subject.


The BH event last one week, EVERY month. I believe that's the main issue with it, people got tired with it.


If you look at the Gree event, when that came it was 2 weeks, then a few months later it returned for another 2 I believe. And the intervals increased. Before that all events were 1 time.


The Rakghoul event was... not sure if 1 or 2 weeks, but people are excitedly waiting for it's return.


Would be good to have more events with a longer duration that would be known to return at least once a year. Maybe with set dates to look forward to them.

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How about a rotation? One week / month / event?


Rotation would be good, I mean take the BH event and add 2 or 3 more, alternating those for 1 week per month events. This would increase the cooldown on the specific event while still offering monthly events. As time goes by and potentially more events get added this can be more random in which we're given with a little higher frequency on the newer events at the start.


Then add a spring-summer-autumn-winter rotation with more specific events so people can expect those each year.


And with some events put some more thought into it, especially any rarer events. *cough*nightlife*cough*


With the above mentioned the existing events could be classified as the following:

- Monthly Rotation (1 week events)

  • Bounty Hunter Event
  • Return of the Gree
  • Rakghoul Insurgence (overruling the 1 time Rakghoul event)

These are all combat based


- Seasonal (longer duration)

  • Life Day (winter event, was pretty tame hope this year will be more fun with more to do)
  • Nightlife Event (it's a joke can use some serious overhaul if it'll return)
  • Grand Acquisition Race (was a one-time event greatly suited for the spirit of a yearly event, probably the best by far, not counting the old Rakghoul one)

These are all activity based with next to no combat

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