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We have to create our own server forums?


Because a very lightly moderated forum here is infinitely better than just some random server member running the show how they please, with unknown security, and expense that should be endured by you, Bioware.


Not enough staff is a piss poor excuse, millions of unemployed Americans available for hirer and I bet you could probably find some volunteers on each server that can highlight and bring threads to official attention if necessary.


You already have reporting and ignore features, they are enough. Particularly when general discussion is a cesspool of trolling and verbal abuse worse than any server forums will ever be. At the very least server forums hold people to some level of in game accountability and retribution.


Communities need a chance to grow. Your job is to create that community and give it the chance to flourish.


Because when all the quests are done, all the bosses are killed and the gear to be had is had and we are waiting on another content patch to blow through. It will be the friends we make in game and through forums that keeping us around and paying our subscriptions. And the lack of official server forums is adding an unnecessary hurdle.

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