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<Death Platoon> Empire Guild Information and Recruitment Thread


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Summary of Post: Death Platoon is a fun-loving community for all players of all play styles. We offer weekly events, a website, a guild bank, +10% experience and +10% reputation. Our website is http://www.deathplatoon.shivtr.com and we have an ( admittedly borrowed ) TS3 at http://www.imperiumcoalition.com Our main guild is in the Imperial faction.


Style of Death Platoon: We are a 200+ person community of gamers who love to have fun. We aim to provide a fun environment for all who wish to join our ranks. The majority of our members are casual gamers who play to socialize, however we do have members representing all styles ( PvE, PvP, and RP as well as Casual ) and would love to have anybody aboard. In order to affirm the safety of our members, we have strict anti-harassment and anti-trolling rules, however we are relatively lax on language.


Benefits: We have weekly events on a rotation of PvE, PvP, RP, and Social every Saturday at 5:30 PM EST. Depending on the category, these events can range from tackling world bosses, to Star Wars Trivia Nights! We have a website hosted at http://www.deathplatoon.shivtr.com for ease of communication which contains an explanation of our ranks, recruitment system, and other vital features. We offer a guild bank that is constantly growing, to assist your with your gearing and crafting needs. Our members also enjoy a +10% experience gain and a +10% reputation join as well. We also have a TS3 channel within the server http://www.imperiumcoalition.com that we use frequently. A huge thank-you to the Imperium Coalition for allowing us to use their Team Speak. :D


Recruitment: We have a variety of methods to get you into the guild. We have an application feature on our website that will allow us to track you down and invite you to the guild at your convenience, or you can whisper any of our members for an invite to the guild ( Be warned however, we do have precautions in place to prevent nasties from raiding the guild bank instantly, etc. ) You can find us by hopping on our teamspeak at http://www.imperiumcoalition.com or searching "Platoon" on the who list ( Platoon will yield more accurate results than searching Death Platoon. )


Thank you for the time, and I wish you the best of luck in your SW: TOR adventures!


Note: This thread is a work in progress that I will be working on and improving when I can

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