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Operations Boss IDs not Unique

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Many of the operations bosses in Dread Palace and Dread Fortress seem to have the same ID across all difficulty modes (story, hard, nightmare). This makes it much more difficult to parse combat logs for services like TORParse and Parsec.


Can the devs please change the IDs so they are unique for each difficulty mode, as they did in older ops and newer flashpoints?


Example: Dread Master Bestia in Dread Palace has the ID 3273941900591104 on every single difficulty mode, 16man, 8man, story, hard, and nightmare. This makes it a pain to parse. You can't tell simply by looking at the ID whether it is an 8 man story mode, or if the player is attempting 16 man nightmare.


Older bosses, like Kephess the Undying in Terror from Beyond, for example, have a unique ID for each mode.

Ex: 2937620191510528 in 8m story, 3013121421606912 in 8m hard, etc. making it super easy to distinguish between fights.


This is currently breaking the TORParse leaderboards for many of the boss encounters in Dread Fortress and Dread Palace.

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