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Additional species appearance customizations.


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Please create more species appearance customizations for playable characters. Some suggestions:


  • Additional hairstyles for all applicable species (Human, Zabrak, Mirialian, Pureblood, Chiss, etc.)
  • Additional hair colors for all applicable species (similar to the Human additional colors)
  • More head models for all species
  • Additional tattoos for applicable species
  • Additional eye colors for all species
  • New masks for Miraluka species
  • New jewelry for applicable species (Purebloods, etc.)
  • Additional skin colors for Twi'lek species (purple, white, etc.)
  • Make eyebrow selection its own slider

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To be honest, when the patch came out with Cathar, and the new hair colors and styles, I thought adding more customisation options would be happening more frequently. They're missing out on a HUGE opportunity for some money Here. People want their character to look awesome, and in my opinion are more likely to drop some CC on new customization options than on gambling packs. Personally I'd like to see some expanding on Pureblood customizations. They are the only race that don't have true "face" options, as the general bone structure remains the same, and is slightly tweaked for each body type. That's fine with me, but just add more of the other options to make up for it. There is so much they could do there. I personally wanted to have tendrils around the mouth with little other junk going on, and to have rings on those appendages. I think that'd be pretty sweet.


Anyways I'm kind of going off topic. BW, more character customization options! Please :jawa_biggrin:

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