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Accuracy Rating and the Concealment Operative

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I posted this in the Agent section but have not received a response so I thought I would try here.


As I'm gearing out my concealment operative, I've come across a question. I have 101% accuracy, and I know guides tell you to get to 110%. The problem is, the regular rotation is considered all Tech damage, which starts at a base 100% accuracy (therefore, I'm capped at 110% for Tech damage moves). Short story: I NEVER miss with a backstab, shiv or laceration. The only moves that use the normal 90% base accuracy (to my knowledge) is Overload Shot, which I use very sparingly as a filler (as I accrue 168 and 180 gear I'm finding I don't need to use it anymore).


So, my question is: for those concealment operatives in 180 gear, how much Accuracy is really necessary? Would I benefit more from putting my points in Alacrity now? Or just more Power? (My surge is at 73% and Crit is 31%).

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Short answer:


By get to 110% accuracy, people only mean 110% tech accuracy for any class (substitute force here for force users). Once you're over 100 ranged / 110 tech you should be getting more surge (not alacrity) for most dps classes/specs, and this includes concealment operatives.


Long answer / explanation:


Actually even Overload Shot will never miss with your ranged accuracy over 100%. This is because, if you hover over "ranged accuracy" in your ranged tab on your character sheet, it shows that "special" ranged accuracy is 10% higher (making up for the 10% defense bosses & elites have). Every ranged ability except your basic attack (rifle shot) is considered "special."


Some justification of this: Try this torhead link and click on Effect Details. You'll see the code:




This means Overload Shot is a special ability (and in fact every ranged ability that isn't your basic attack has this).


Not that Overload Shot is great, just it won't miss.


In fact no class needs to go higher than 100 melee/ranged, 110 force/tech accuracy. Only basic attacks and offhand hits (if your class dual wields, i.e. merc, gunslinger, or sentinel/marauder) benefit at all from higher accuracy than this, and even for dual wielding specs that's not enough for extra accuracy to be better than more surge.

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The reason you need 110% Tech accuracy, for the record, is that elites and champions (including bosses) have a 10% base chance to resist Force/Tech and special Melee/Ranged attacks, which means you need 10% extra Accuracy to counter that as a DPS.

But yeah, take Surge over Alacrity. Alacrity on gear is only useful for Telekinetics Sage/Lightning Sorcerer and all healer specs.

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