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recommended hps/ehps for HM?


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Hello, I am relatively new to the game(5-6 months) and this is my first post and would like to know what is the recommended hps/ehps for a healer in HM?


For background why i'm asking this question:


I play as a tank actually, and my progression raid group is quite new too for HM. Our issue is with SnV HM. We can't pass Dashroode. Well, to be fair, we have cleared SnV HM but we had 2 members replaced with some experienced friends. These 2 original members (a healer and a tank) have now come back to our group and we can't pass dashroode. I'm fairly sure the tank mechanics are ok(positioning optimised so no one gets flung around, mdps behind dashroode to avoid dmg etc.), dps is ok(xuuvas bat adds taken down fine, and generator is not being destroyed) but we just die from low hp as the fight goes on and my hp just drops.


We have 2 healers - a sage and a commando. The sage ran during the time we cleared SnV HM with other members and did fine, she was the secondary healer though. Our commando healer however i feel is not pulling her weight. I've tried assigning her to tank healing but i just kept dropping after a while (full 180 geared guardian who has cleared DP HM) and had to pop cooldowns quite early. Commando healer is also mostly full 180's so I don't understand what's wrong. I'm thinking it may be just her slow mechanics (forgets to put trauma probes up, was originally assigned to moving generator but she tunnel visions and doesn't realise the time to grab it etc.) but also want to analyse if it's really healing that's our issue.


So, would anyone here please recommend me what hps/ehps is required for HM for commando and sage? I understand that these values cannot completely measure the performance of a healer which is why i posted abit of the background to see if anyone has suggestions.


Thanks in advanced and appreciate any other healing advice i can pass on, cheers

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well i don't know for scum and villany since i don't use parses if we don't meet serious problems, but a commando with that gear should touch 4.5k hps with 80-85% ehps without too many issues..i mean i got those numbers at corruptor and at bestia HM in successful attempts and i was unsustainable just in the end when a party member died.


dashroode is not easy to heal during transition phases, but the commando should even have easier life than the sage.


the point is if your friend is healing as intended: refreshing trauma probe(on tank top priority), using always AMP before MP, using supercharge cell on CD, kolto bomb on cd, tech override, hammershots, AMP armor buff always on tank, i'd use heal on knockback also for that one.

if you run again put him in focus+see trauma probe on you/tank+ see the kolto cloud, hear the knockback and watch his ammo..if he knows his class as he should you should see him above 50% of his ammo 90& of the times, if he's struggling with the class you will find him drained when nothing particularly stressful happening.


oh again, commando must have alacrity but not to cast MP faster than 1.8s without and 1.7 with alacrity proc, and remember him that supercharge is not a only an emergency cd, but also a tool for sustained healing, since it gives you back 8 ammo.

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Some comments & suggestions, including how to compare hps/ehps:


1. Don't have a healer carry the shield generator. Have the tank that currently doesn't have aggro do it.


2. You listed most sources of damage to the group. One more to check on: needlessly taking stacks of sandstorm, not just from being knocked back, but also from not staying in the shield during movement (can be the fault of the shield carrier or the player taking stacks). Check whether anyone has abnormally high stack count as the fight goes on.


3. For comparing HPS: I don't know numbers for this fight, and it depends highly on your gear and how much avoidable damage people are taking (they must be taking some, basically no group will be perfect with damage taken on dashroode). I would just compare your two healers to start. How to do this:


The commando's HPS and EHPS (effective heals per second) should be higher than the sage's. This is because the sage has force armor, which absorbs damage but doesn't count as a heal in most parsers. Depending on how often your sage uses force armor, you can add anywhere from 15% to 35% to the sage's healing. Parsec now will actually keep track of this for you. See here for instructions.


If it's the whole group or at least several players getting low and fizzling out and dying, then comparing EHPS (+ any absorb from the bubbles for the sage) is a pretty good method of seeing how the healers are doing. If the group is healed up but the tank is allowed to get low and die, that's not an EHPS issue but rather a priority issue. However, even in the first case EHPS may not tell the whole issue (one healer can "snipe" all the easy heals but also not pull his/her weight when it counts).


(A warning: Parsing heals can be helpful and add a competitive edge or goal to motivate your healers, but can also lead to trouble if it changes your healers' behavior in certain ways, e.g. leading them to heal the group at the expense of the tank, and to snipe easy heals, to get their numbers up.)


4. The advice of the poster above me to focus target the commando and watch what's going on is a good one. However, really checking that the commando is healing properly can get complicated. The simplest thing to check is energy/ammo management:


If the commando's ammo bar goes below 60% (not 50%) for more than a moment (unless the commando purposely depletes ammo over 10 or so seconds and then instantly gains it all back with recharge cells), this is a huge issue. It sounds like this may be what's happening: At some point your commando messes up ammo without recharge cells available, and then spends the next 15 seconds hammer shotting as the group slowly dies.

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The shield carrier should not be heals.


Shield should be placed within the last 3-5 seconds each time to maximize its time


I'm an Op healer so my numbers would be different but from what I have seen 180 gear mando or merc should be fine.

But it sounds like more is going on than what is said. How is the life of the raid?

Are you hitting enrage? How many stacks do the tanks have. Sounds like a lot since you mention things just melt at the end.

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Both of your healers have room to improve, because Nightmare Dash'Roode can be solo healed by a skilled healer of any class in 168 gear. It's also likely that your group is taking a phenomenal amount of unnecessary damage from the Sandstorm.


Each of your healers should peruse a guide for his class.

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