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Project Invicta Sponsored Training Operation


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Attention Imperial forces and allies.


In an effort to improve the skills of our forces Project Invicta is sponsoring a training operation on Dromund Kaas today at 8pm CDT to test everyone's skill in hunting down the enemies of the empire


The objective is simple, locate the target after the operation has begun. [Once located open a trade window with them]


There will be three targets to find.


The first target will result in the individual who found them first receiving a set of custom armor [5 piece, blue mods, level 17]


The second target will come with a reward of a customized weapon and a assortment of high powered explosives [level 21 main hand weapon with augment, level 20 grenades(10)]


The third target comes with a reward of medical tech as well as grenades. [level 16 blue Medpack(20), Med Unit(10), Fortitude Stim (5), and level 20 grenades (10)]


Project Invicta personnel will be on hand during and after the training operation to answer any questions that anyone may have about our unit.

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