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Revenant is Recruiting [NA | Republic | PvE | PvP |Social | 16+]


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Revenant Gaming

[NA | PvE | PvP | Social | Casual/Hardcore | Republic/Imperial | 16+]


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  • Casual-Hardcore Play Style*
  • Multi-Game Community, so you can play the games you want to play.
  • Team Speak Voice Server (Free to Revenant Members)
  • 16+


*Casual-Hardcore means members are not obligated or forced into playing any specific way. Do you want to log in and do nothing but craft? Great! Do you want to focus on PvP? Excellent! Do you want to experience PvE raid content? Tremendous! Revenant is a community where all of its members can experience all aspects of the game we love to play with other like minded, mature individuals.


Click here to create an account and put in an application to join Revenant Gaming, a multi-gaming community. A Guild leader will respond to your application within 24 hours.


I. What alliance is Revenant Supporting?

  • Revenant is currently aligning with the Republic


II. What is the history of Revenant?

  • Revenant was formed in May 2011 through a collaborative effort of several contributing guilds to merge into a more idealistic single guild. Revenant planned for many months for the release of SWTOR and, as such, was a Day 1 launch guild on the Terentatek server. We are celebrating 3 years as a successful raiding guild. After time off from the game, we have decided to reopen the doors for SWTOR.


III. What is Revenant's play style?

  • Revenant Gaming's enviroment is Casual-Core. What we mean by that is we cater to players of all styles. If you are on the casual end of the spectrum or the hardcore, there is a place for you. We are continually looking for other players who want to enjoy a mature, drama free gaming environment.


IV. What is Revenant's Game/Leadership Structure?

  • Within Game: Once your application gets approved, the guild master or officer will send you an invite to the guild. Upon joining, there will be a 2 week probational period. Once that period has passed you will obtain the member rank. In addition to ensuring no drama will be started, we also want to make sure you are an active player and member of the guild.
  • Within Community: Once your application gets approved, you will be given permission to access all of the Member forums on our website, as well as be given adequate permission to switch channels in our guild Team Speak. We encourage our members to use our forums to help further build an outstanding community of gamers.


V. Is Revenant a PvE or PvP guild?

  • PvE: Revenant is currently working on building an Operations team (No scheduled times established yet). The immediate goal is to create an 8 man team, but with guild growth we can expand that to a 16 man team. This team is still a work in progress and members who plan on being on the team are still working on leveling and obtaining appropriate gear.
  • PvP: Revenant currently does not have any scheduled times to PvP. The current members usually PvP sporadically with other members. Revenant is currently recruiting a PvP Officer who is passionate about PvP and wants to organize play times where guild members can sign up and play together. Please reach out to us if you are interested in obtaining more information about this position.


VI. I would like to play a game that isn't listed in your currently played games, is that a possibility?

  • Absolutely. Many of our members play a variety of games. If you would like to start a Division for a game that Revenant currently doesn't have, reach out to Rexigar or Rivacom for more information on how to do this. The decision to start a new Division in a game will be based on your ability to commit to the game.


VII. Are there any requirements to join Revenant?

  • 16+
  • No Drama
  • Be respectful of current and new members


VIII. I have another question or wish to discuss the guild further. Who can I ask?

  • In Game: Feel free to message Rexigar, Rivacom or Praven
  • On Website: Send Rexigar or Rivacom a PM

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