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New companion suggestion


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Story: fallen Jedi or wannabe sith force user

Story arc dependent on light/dark side points


Willpower and strength. Since HK-51 uses aim and cunning


3 stances. Tank, heal, and DPS since it takes away one attack when compared to other companions


1 medium aoe hot heal

1 medium aoe cone attack

1 medium shield bubble

Single target mez

Force slam and punish (1 move)

Force lightning

Saber throw. Saber sticks in target chest. Companion jumps to target to retrieve saber. This finishing move slams target and stuns up to 5 nearby enemy. Finish move creates 1 stack group buff. Rare ability certain abilities must be used in series to execute.


1 group buff that stacks x10 similar to HK-51 kill streak but everyone in group gets it. 3 type of stacks depending on active stance. Damage buff, heal buff, defense buff


A middle ground companion that improves with more stacks. Shines at max stacks. Meh at low stacks.


Buck (male) or Jandi (female) Sherwood (Romance-able) – Tatooine

Combat Type: Melee Damage

Armor: Heavy

Weapon Types: One-Handed Lightsaber or DoubleBladed Lightsaber

Off-hand: Focus

Crew Skills: +15 Mission Efficiency, +5 Crafting Critical

Starting Kit: Saber Throw

Primary Stat: Willpower and Strength

Secondary Stat: Endurance

1 Relic slot open while still able to add companion customization. Obviously only the automatic relics would work best as clickable relics would be ineffective. But an added stat slot for augments



Mission series to gain access to companion. Light/dark side points determine story arc

Able to attain in CM but only after you have unlocked both story arcs.

Story arc takes you and your companion across 5 planets through out class story line. Companion missions are tuned to current level. Story explains why an inexperienced force user tags along with a non force user. Story can follow a redemption or training line for force user characters.

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