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<Failure> Seeks an Operative Healer


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Greetings All!


Failure (4/5 NiM DF, 1/5 NiM DP) is recruiting ONE Healer for Dread Palace progression, preferably an Operative. We are looking to fill this spot seamlessly and with as little backtracking as possible, so here is what we're after:



  • Your MAIN character, not an alt or a 'second main'. Joining Failure puts your priorities with us, always.
  • Positive, productive, non-elitist attitude. Able to get killed by exploding trash droids and laugh. Able to laugh at Cher/Gunther music occasionally played over Mumble. Able to accept that players can be good at a game and simultaneously have fun.
  • Fully Min/Maxed Dread Forged Gear (with 180 weapon) minimum
  • 10/10 HM DF/DP
  • AT LEAST made a dent in DF progression pre-nerf (Nefra+), with Draxus+ experience pre or post-nerf helpful.
  • Knowledgeable on all Nightmare DF/DP strategies
  • Able to work well with our other healers.
  • Able to install/run Mumble and Parsec.
  • Able to attend Tues/Wed/Thur and sometimes Sunday 8-11PM server time with at least 90% attendance.



If this recruitment thread seems like we're talking about you, please either contact us here on the forums, post an application on our website, or contact us in-game for more information or to set up a trial run. Thanks!

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We're still looking to fill this slot! Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Also our roster can adapt to fit in a Range DPS instead, so we welcome talented players of Range classes to join as well. Edited by Stippling
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