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Older player looking for a guild


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I am a seasoned MMO player but new to SWTOR, having previously played STO, LOTRO, WOW and a few others I would prefer NOT to remember. I am a SW fan so after parting from WOW this was a natural port of call for me.


I would like to join a casual but fairly active guild so please bear with me while I list what I would like (hey, no harm in asking): :cool:


*Republic side

*fairly active guild

*casual/medium RP

*casual/medium PVE

*mature surroundings / membership (yes, I know, har-har, mature on the internet)

*preferably with some EU members / EU friendly (I chose EH as it is the most active server plus the community is more international than on EU server, ymmv)


Since I have RL obligations I would prefer a guild where logging everyday and participating in guild activities isn't mandatory, I am fairly regular but things pop up. :)


In general I prefer RP guilds, in my experience they tend to screen out 1337 players with names like Xxxterminator etc.


Normally I am self-sufficient, love doing things in group and socializing but am perfectly content to do my own thing.


In case you haven't run away in horror over my nitpicking demands please let me know, thank you in advance. :)


Oh yes, my character is a Jedi Consular / Sage and I hope to try healing endgame at some point.

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Hi BlueIllyrian!


I believe our guild, The Thirteenth Legion might be a fit for you. We are a social guild that offers all aspects of the game including RP, PvE, PvP, GSF, etc.


  • We are primarily Republic side (we do have an Imperial Alt guild)
  • We have 20-30 people on every day, concurrent average at prime time is generally 15-20 depending on what is going on.
  • We have casual/medium RP
  • We have casual/medium PvE
  • Our average member age is over 30, most are working professionals and we strive for a mature environment
  • We have a couple EU members but not a ton, we welcome EU members though.


Our activity requirements are that you log into our website and in game once per month, we understand RL obligations :).


If that sounds good to you, feel free to check us out! The link to our site is in my signature as well as our recruitment post here on the forums.


Best of luck in your guild search!

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Hello! :)


<New OutRiders> is a causal, mature, family-friendly guild that has been around since 1992 and is a multi-MMO guild. We are both an Empire and Republic side & raid on both sides! We mainly focus on PvE with a dash of PvP & RP.


Check us out at our website: newoutriders.org

& our SWTOR Recruitment forum.


Thanks and have a great gaming day! :)

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Hello Bluelllyrian!



Check Out Pax Gaming


We have two established guilds playing SWTOR since beta and nonstop since launch


Check out our recruitment videos!


<Pax Dominus> - Republic


<Pax Imperius> - Empire


Multiple scheduled raids, PvE and PvP events per week and a mature friendly community of experienced MMO Players who are part of a gaming community.



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