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Galactic Stronghold with beast pit?


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perhaps some kind of small hutt palace stronghold would do. nem'ro's palace on hutta is actually the perfect size for a stronghold, the interior is relative in space to the tantooine and nar shaadda strongholds.


since we know we can invite others to our stronghold i would love to drop someone into the pit like jabba does to luke. i would also like to see a gate, then i can open the gate and a large creature comes out.


i would love to see multiple beasts of all kinds purchasable from the CM to fight, upgrades too! perhaps you could just jump into the beast pit yourself and gain rewards for killing the creature. then the beast respawns after killing it.


queues for beast fighting may also be an interesting idea. people can queue for a pit fight in some random person's stronghold and gain rewards with dailies and all. beast masters and gladiators alike can gain rewards.


anyway, just an odd idea that came to mind. probably won't happen but it would be a good idea.

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