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Does anybody want me? Boo Hoo :(

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Hey you guys. (think Sloth from Goonies)


I'm looking for a few good players to run reg warzones with (because ranked is kaput...) until the game miraculously revives itself and we discover a thriving population. Maybe then ranked will be worth the time...


I'm about to ding 55 on my Sentinel, Pickle'Jar. If you recognize the name, then you know I'm an asset, not a liability.


My buddy Kontrox runs a guardian. If you recognize the name, then you know he usually runs with me, and it's a rare day that we're not topping the scoreboard.


We both have many other characters - but we're looking for some good pub players to run with because the game is more fun with friends...


Reply here, PM me, or just hit us up in game. We play most nights 8-10 eastern time.

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4 wins with an 1170 rating? Doesn't seem like you do a whole lot of rateds :confused:


Nope, I don't. Ran like 12 matches on the mando and said "nopers".


Solo queue just isn't worth the frustration. I'm about 50/50 win loss for the few matches I ran until giving up, and I saw enough random crap with bad matchmaking, and useless pugs. I just don't care enough about the solo rating. Maybe if it was solo rating in the regular warzone format...but arena requires teamwork you just will NOT get in a PUG.


Regs are more fun. Team ranked would be fun too, because...MMO = playing with other people and teaming up. I just don't know enough good players who don't already have a team.


So I levelled my sentinel. And here I am. 1/3 of a level away from dinging 55, max comms and ready to hit the ground running.

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Force Disciples are great! Recommend you check them out. They beat me to it, but Pax Republica is always looking for people that need a home. Check out Force Disciples as well, they are great!


And I hope Soulcaster never leaves!


Here is Pax Republic recruitment post as an fyi:


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Cid, which side are you guys running on now haven't seen many WAR guys on either side in awhile.


The 1/2 of us that still play SWTOR are on republic. I'm in Wildstar with the other 1/2. When I do play SWTOR, it's on my imperials though. Me personally anyway.

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