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Suggestion: "All-In"-Box

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Hello Cartel Market Team


First I want to say, I'm not a native english speaker, but I will try my best ;-)


I would appreciate it if there would be an "All-In" Hypercrate in the Cartel Market, besides the regular random boxes.

This Boxes may cost 2x or 3x of a regular hypercrate (15.000? 20.000?), should contain 100% everything from a whole shippment (regardless of rarity in the random-boxes) and all items should be legacy-bound, so we can't sell them in the trademarket. they are for personal use and collection, only. This All-In Box would be intendet for all, who don't want to try their luck with random-boxes, but have the money and the intention to collect a whole shippment.


I would prefer to buy them, even with an higher price than the hypercrates, because I don't trust my personal luck anymore :D :D :D


That would be really really awesome. I really like the cartel marked items and I want to buy them, but my luck disapoints me continuous ^^


Thanks :)

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The question is, how much is the average amount of money needed to complete a full set of the latest cartel pack?


It's going to vary, of course, but what's the low average? The high average? The average for a typical pack?


That's the sort of money that they would need to look at.


I don't see the harm if they set the price point at the right place, but that place is going to result in a lot of lost resale opportunities.


If, for example, they decide that it would take a hundred packs to get every item out of some particular cartel pack, then selling an "all-in" version of that pack would cost at least a hundred times that pack price (probably more), and you would be missing out on a lot of extra items that you could use, list on the GTN, or otherwise sell or trade.


Again, I am not opposed to the idea, but I wouldn't expect it to be worthwhile for most people, though those without patience or no faith in the RNG may find it preferrable.

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