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Played since early access like me?


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Oh yes, five of the characters I still play were created early morning on the first day of early access. I wanted to make sure I got the names I wanted! Of course, that early character creation didn't help me keep my names for the first round of server mergers, but I guess it helped with the second round. That all seems so long ago...


I could do the math to figure out how much money this means I've spent on subscription since then, but I think I'd rather not. I also participated in two beta weekends, but it's not like any of those toons carried over, so it doesn't really matter.

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TUX, URANTIA AND LEENE all get the OLD TIMER HARD CORE prize........



Put your mouse cursor over the members name and look at the bottom of your screen. It shows what number that person is in the sign up order....Back in the day, it used to be shown next to your screen name until too many, uh, lets say, newer members, cried and Bio removed the feature.


EDIT; Hey wait a sec, my first forum name SHOCKLORD is around number 2,000.....So I 'outstud' TUX.....Sorry man, just had to gloat for a second....:)


I have to say this is pretty cool had not noticed it before, puts me in the first 10k. I unfortunately did take about a 4 month break on my sub, even though I didnt play for almost 9 months. (ironically because of a cross promotion with Tiberium Alliances and I got stuck on that game instead of this one) But I am back and having as much fun as ever.

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Still here. In and out due to rotations but still sub since early access. Pre-order and CE owner x2.

Big in PvP till knockdown was taken, still disappointed. Now bored PvE healer running SM/HM Ops daily on 2 Op healers, Jugg and Powertech Tanks.


Feels like CU/NGE just around the corner. Or just another dumbed down combat system like AOC had. Just to appease the minority that are complaining.

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