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Looking for Casual Guild To Raid/PvP With!


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Hey, everyone! Just as the title suggests I am looking for a guild to do raids and some casual PvP with. I've been playing the game off and on for about two years now and I've mostly just been doing solo stuff and leveling characters but I'm getting kind of bored just playing on my own all the time so I figured I should try and find a guild. Basically what I'm looking for in a guild is a fun and relaxed atmosphere, preferably with players that are 18+ years old. Nothing against younger players, I just prefer to play with people closer to my age. Now since I have been mostly playing this game solo I have only a little bit of experience with the 16 man raids so during some raids you might need to steer me in the right direction. Other than that I'm here to have fun and okay the game with other people looking to have a good time. I am currently in the process of leveling several republic and imp toons but the one max level character I have is an imp juggernaut. Hopefully soon I will max out my Jedi sage and Guardian. If you think id be a good for for your guild then please feel free I comment here or directly message me :)
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