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Advanced classes


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As im sure pretty much everyone knows new class stories are not going to happen or if they do a long time in the future, but they have confirmed before that new advanced classes are more than possible. so I wanted to leave my suggestions for new advanced classes.


Jedi Knight

In the book revan there is a particular scene in which revan is battling some madalorians. During this fight he is wielding a lightsaber in one hand and a blaster pistol in the other. it's would add a nice mix into the Jedi knight class as it could give them some more range abilities whilst keeping some of there melee attacks. kind of like a vanguard.



For this class I feel having a advanced class that wields a electrostaff would give them a interesting mix. this would make them a all melee class instead of their vanguard counterpart which is a mixture of ranged and melee. of course a problem with this is a lot of their trooper neutral attacks are ranged but again this would be a cool idea.



I feel a new advanced class for this class would not need a new weapon but a change of abilities, becoming a mastermind class. to explain this instead of having a sage with their telekinetic attacks or shadow with their up close attacks have the player able to spawn friendly npcs to fight with the ability to have them defend or charge etc. this is already done in some sense with the bombers in GSF and if this was brought into ground game it could mix up a lot of pvp matches and pve ops.



I dont know what advanced class could work with this class.


bounty Hunter

I feel giving this class the ability to use a blaster rifle could add some interesting looks. i never truly understood why powertechs decided to use a blaster pistol as a tank but this could give those who really wanted that look a way to do so. as far as abilities go im unsure as to how they could mix these up as it is another ranged advanced class. maybe instead of blaster rifles give the new advanced class an electrostaff like the trooper suggestion.


Imperial Agent

Giving this class the ability to summon probes and drones similar to the mastermind style of the consular suggestion would again give this class some more variety. and instead of a blaster rile or sniper rifle give the class a blaster pistol.


Sith Warrior

same as the Jedi knight class just with different animations


Sith Inquisitor

Same as the Consular class but with different animations again


i know I have rambled on a bit but this is what i want to be brought into the game. chances are these would be sold via cartel market but who knows maybe they will give them with expansion packs. please remember this is years away no doubt but I would love to hear what everyone else thinks of these and any advanced classes you would want to see.

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ok if they said that new advanced classes are possible than why cant they add new class stories ? i know, i know its all cost/profit i get that, i do. if the original voice actors are not a viable solution due to cost , by all means hire new ones, i am sure there are plenty actors out there starving, i am sure most would do it for free just to add to there resume other than restaurant server. if you must to off set cost make it a digital expansion, and yes i can pay $10 for it. i know so many people that do not play anymore and i am not talking power gamers, but are just board to death with the end game stuff that requires large groups. show of hands should we start a kick starter for bioware/EA? just saying. i know once i finish the few remaining class stories i will stop my auto sub unless there are some truly amazing DLC coming out and so far that has not been the case, especially part one of forged alliances. You should have finished that entirely and made it another expansion or something. come on Bioware, tell your EA overlords its make or break time.
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